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Sant Jordi's day with Hotel Curious Staff

28 de Abril de 2010 | 0 comentarios | 6 votos
Here is the video of the walk along the Ramblas in Sant Jordi's Day, like VideosfromBarcelona! We have done a funny report! It is clear that Miquel has had fun in Sant Jordi, he received a rose from a beautiful woman, ... That yes, Alejandro promise as a filmmaker. We hope you enjoy it.... (read more)
Tags: video
There goes the last video flash forward of this project that Hotel Curious is preparing. See if you discover who is the "pretty woman" that appears in the video, we are delighted with her. You can notice that by the expression in our faces when she enters the hotel (we are at the bottom), and who... (read more)
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To get started...

13 de Abril de 2010 | 0 comentarios | 5 votos
Here you have a little part from the making of the new film by Hotel Curious. At first glance, it seems an european film about a love history, don't you think? Whatever, next week we will find out... keep an eye on your screens! Watch "Sleeping in the city, at Hotel Curious"
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