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Hotel Curious | En el centro de Barcelona

Barcelona discounts shopping restaurant

Curious Card on video, offers and discounts in restaurants and shops

06 de Julio de 2012 | 0 comentarios | 1 votos
With the great Curious Card you will have a special treat in all business associated, like 10% OFF or free drinks. Furthermore of discounts in restaurants and bars you also can buy wines, shoes, complements... even go to the hairdresser or to the laundry. And this only for being our guest, with no... (read more)
Barcelona 92

Freddy Mercury and Montserrat Caballé at Olympic Games of Barcelona 92

17 de Mayo de 2012 | 0 comentarios | 5 votos
One moment we are most proud of in the history of Catalonia is the historic event of the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992, and especially the duet that the legendary singer Freddy Mercury and Montserrat Caballé sung. Today we bring it to you, enjoy it!
Xerrades Inesperades Barcelona Hotel Curious

Making Off programa "Xerrades Inesperades" at Hotel Curious in Barcelona

18 de Abril de 2012 | 0 comentarios | 0 votos
At Hotel Curious in the center of Barcelona was recorded the show "Xerrades Inesperades" with Francisco Narvaez, Mobility Councilor of Barcelona, and Daniel Diges, singer renowned for its participation in Eurovisión.
come to barcelona

More reasons to visit Barcelona

15 de Febrero de 2012 | 0 comentarios | 2 votos
Still hesitating about come to Barcelona? This video will remove any doubt ;)
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12 de Agosto de 2010 | 0 comentarios | 6 votos
Hotel Curious do not save in imagination to provide the best experience possible. But you must know that our hotel can even change your life... especially if you are an assassin. A hired killer reaches Hotel Curious with an assignment. What he doesn't know is that the best thing you can do at... (read more)
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Hotel Curious Vídeo Tour

15 de Julio de 2010 | 0 comentarios | 6 votos
This is the promotional of the hotel. On it you can see our rooms, services and design details of our facilities.
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Sleeping in the city of Barcelona, at Hotel Curious!!!

11 de Mayo de 2010 | 4 comentarios | 21 votos
As we promised, came out the video in wich our 'pretty woman' visits us. Nobody guessed who was this long awaited visit? It shows the hotel just like it is. It's situation, decor, it's pictures in the rooms, what you can eat breakfast (a “little breakfast” like miss Tost's). Everything you... (read more)
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Making of Hotel Curious en Barcelona

07 de Mayo de 2010 | 2 comentarios | 3 votos
Who doesn't like the making of's? Today we present the making of from the video "Sleeping in the city, at Hotel Curious". We hope you like this video realised in Barcelona center. We made it with love!! Watch "Sleeping in the city, at Hotel Curious"
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Sant Jordi's day with Hotel Curious Staff

28 de Abril de 2010 | 0 comentarios | 6 votos
Here is the video of the walk along the Ramblas in Sant Jordi's Day, like VideosfromBarcelona! We have done a funny report! It is clear that Miquel has had fun in Sant Jordi, he received a rose from a beautiful woman, ... That yes, Alejandro promise as a filmmaker. We hope you enjoy it.... (read more)
Tags: video
There goes the last video flash forward of this project that Hotel Curious is preparing. See if you discover who is the "pretty woman" that appears in the video, we are delighted with her. You can notice that by the expression in our faces when she enters the hotel (we are at the bottom), and who... (read more)
Tags: video

To get started...

13 de Abril de 2010 | 0 comentarios | 5 votos
Here you have a little part from the making of the new film by Hotel Curious. At first glance, it seems an european film about a love history, don't you think? Whatever, next week we will find out... keep an eye on your screens! Watch "Sleeping in the city, at Hotel Curious"
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