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Hotel Curious | En el centro de Barcelona

  • Massage service at Hotel Curious
  • Massage service at Hotel Curious
  • Masajes centro Barcelona
  • Massage service at Hotel Curious
  • masajes hotel barcelona

Massage service

Hotel Curious offers four types of massages, one for each element of the Nature: Water, Earth, Fire and Air, in a very nice ambient and accompanied by Mediterranean essences and oils and music according to each type of massage.

Choose the one you need the most:

Water Massage: select this one if you want a great relaxation. Relax head, back, legs and feet for a moment. It includes a cleaning with a deep massage oil with white flowers and lavender.

Earth Massage: select it if you want to revitalize your body. Give your back, legs and tired feet a purifying and refreshing massage, along with rosemary and lemon oils.

Fire Massage: select it you need to tonei your body. Give your head, back, leg and foot a very stimulating and energic massage accompanied by cinnamon oil.

Air Massage: select it if you want a massage anti-stress. Release your head, neck and back of concerns with a relaxing massage, along with oil of bergamot and red cedar.


At least, one day before
Tl: +34 933 014 484
e-mail: hotel@hotelcurious.com
50 minute massage. Payment at the hotel.

10% discount by booking web massage x 50 € to 45 €

Timeschedule: 10h00 / 11h30 / 13h00

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