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MACBA, the Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona

The Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona was built by Richard Meyer and is based on rationalism, combining straight lines with curves in a constant dialogue between the indoor and outdoor light, which penetrates the building through galleries and large windows.

The history of this magnificent museum of worldwide importance dates back to 1959 when the art critic Cirici Pellicer revealed the need of an art museum where to exhibit the contemporary art production in the city. But was in 1985 that the idea shaped in the Ministry of Culture, when Joan Rigol, along with officials from the area of culture and it's coordinator Pep Subirós, was ratified a Cultural Pact agreed by both parties that included the setting out of the museum in the old Casa de la Caritat, the current Contemporary Culture Center of Barcelona (CCCB). The next year, the City Townhall proposed to american architect Richard Meyer to take charge of the projection of the new building.

The MACBA building was officially opened on 28 November 1995. Since then its influence has grown into a worldwide artistic reference such as the Tate Gallery in London or the MOMA in New York.

Winter timetable (25/12 to 26/06)

From monday to friday 11h to 19.30h Saturdays, 10h to 20h Tuesdays, the 25th December and 1th January, closed

Summer timetible (24/06 to 24/09)

From monday to friday 11h to 20h Thursday and friday, special timetable until 24h Saturday from 10h to 20h Sunday and holidays, from 10h to 15h Tuesdays, closed.

Price: The whole museum entrance: 8€ Temporary exhibit: 6€

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