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Hotel Curious | En el centro de Barcelona

The Hotel Curious recomends you this exibit in the Center for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona, few steps away from las Ramblas. It explains how the architect thought the extension of the city outside the fortifications around the actual city centre that were to be taken downin 1860. Till the... (read more)
The hotel Curious recomends you to enjoy this exposition that enlight us about the influences of this japanese form of art with Picasso's works. Erotism and sensuality are two bases in Picasso's work. Today, and for the first time, access is given to the public of an unknown part of Picasso's... (read more)

The 7th and 8th of Novembre 2009 : The Snow Show in Barcelona

27 de Octubre de 2009 | 0 comentarios | 2 votos
The Hotel Curious recommends you to start the winter season with the Big Air Snow Show in the Olympic Stadium of Barcelona. The first Big Air contest ever in Barcelona Well, the next 7-8th of Novembre are the only days where you can see this event. Even if the Meteo Man does not schedule... (read more)

The Souvenir Effect. Travel fetishes, beyond the clichés

11 de Agosto de 2009 | 0 comentarios | 2 votos
The Hotel Curious recomends you to enjoy the expostion about: "Every souvenirs you always wanted to, want to or will bring back from your holidays but were afraid to admit" This espositon will expose a large collection of those objects that you wouldn't have for yourself but offer you a... (read more)
The hotel Curious recommends you to enjoy this exposition about the influences of Jazz on visual arts. Jazz, this new music first appeared around 1917 and became celebrated by a new generation of people from the mid 20´s. It evolved to what we know today, the richest music, based on... (read more)

The 20th of Novembre 2009 Depeche Mode in Barcelona

24 de Julio de 2009 | 0 comentarios | 1 votos
The Hotel Curious recomends you to attend the concert of Depeche Mode in the Palau Sant Jodri in Barcelona. Depeche Mode are one of the most successful, influential, longest-lived bands that have emerged from the early 80's. Since 1979 the british band has traveled through so many different... (read more)
The Hotel Curious recomends you to enjoy one fantastic event from the beaches of Barcelona. Who never ever dremed about being an airplane pilot ? Honestly, who ? Fly above the sea at 400 km/h doing acrobatics and slaloms with the sky for background... This is what we are talking about with... (read more)

The 4th septembre 2009 COLDPLAY gets back in Barcelona

21 de Julio de 2009 | 0 comentarios | 2 votos
The Hotel Curious recomends you to see COLDPLAY Live in the Olympic Stadium. Some could say the british band plays cold feet with Barcelona. They sure are wrong. Between the city and the band it is surely hot as the summer in Barcelona. And do not get me wrong, I am not saying that just... (read more)

The 24th of September 2009. The Day of La Mercè

15 de Julio de 2009 | 1 comentarios | 1 votos
The Hotel Curious recommends you the Festival of La Mercè (Mercifull Mother of God). The Virgin Mercè represents for the people of Barcelona what represents St Patrick for the Irish. Since 1871, every year, Barcelona goes into celebration for a week to pay tribute to her. Nowhere else in... (read more)

Barcelona´s best festival in Gracia

09 de Julio de 2009 | 0 comentarios | 1 votos
The hotel Curious recommends you to enjoy the best Festival of Barcelona in Gracia ! One-of-a-kind it is said about the area of Gracia. Radical, ex Hippies and particular atmosphere. Defenetly special the area of Gracia is. Its streets are full of people talking in the pubs and bars with... (read more)

SONAR 2009 Barcelona

03 de Junio de 2009 | 0 comentarios | 3 votos
The Hotel Curious recommends you to get drunk of Electronic Music with the SONAR 2009 Festival in Barcelona ! The next 18th, 19th and 20th of June are gonna be really exciting in Barcelona as the SONAR Festival comes back to the origines. Not that Barcelona needed some special event to have a... (read more)

1st Anniversary party at Hotel Curious!!

26 de Mayo de 2009 | 0 comentarios | 2 votos
1 year already! Last week saw the Hotel Curious blowing his first candle. The event organized to celebrate this happy event took place in the lounge of the hotel, a few meters from Las Ramblas. The festival is open to beat 21:30, time for guests to arrive and enjoy a champagne tasting... (read more)


12 de Noviembre de 2008 | 1 comentarios | 1 votos
Welcome to the Hotel Curious' BLOG !!! From there you can add your comments, see hot news, discover fantastics offers and much more... Do not hesitate and have a tour in our BLOG. Any comments will be well appreciated.


12 de Noviembre de 2008 | 3 comentarios | 4 votos
Exactly a year ago, the HOTEL CURIOUS was a small pension called “Pension Selecta”. End 2006 started the conversion to an impressive and magnific Hotel. Thus, the end of decembre 2007 saw the Grand Opening of the brand new HOTEL CURIOUS, the best and more modern one star hotel in all Barcelona.... (read more)
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