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Untill the 28th of February 2010 : The Year of Idelfons Cerdá. Cerdá and the Barcelona of the Futur. Reality vs Project.

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2009-11-17

The Hotel Curious recomends you this exibit in the Center for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona, few steps away from las Ramblas. It explains how the architect thought the extension of the city outside the fortifications around the actual city centre that were to be taken downin 1860.

Till the middle of the XIXth century the city knew important developments in industries and the population increased so quickly that the question was to be answered. Where will we put all the people ?
The inner city behind the Middle Age fortifications was defenetly to small to acomodate every soul the city counted.
The decision to take down the fortification was made and Idelfons Cerda proposed his project already thought for a long time.

The architect had in mind to build a whole area in order to joint the “city centre” to the small villages surrrounding Barcelona. This area is named El Eixample – The Extension
His project was perfect. He had thought about various factors in order to build the perfect area for work, workers, indutries, public transportation, elimination of wastes, circulation of the air and light.
He studied the project under the influence of the Hygienic Movement in architectur and urbanism in the late XIX century.

After the contruction started, some political changes and promoters influences did carried some changes from the inicial project.
But still survived the vision Idelfons Cerdá has : an organisation in squaed blocs with lanes that fall into streets that fall into avenues or boulevards.
This visoin of Cerdá ends up giving Barcelona one of the finest public transportation system and a quite natural ambiant for a day to day life.

This exibit gives us a better interpretation of the today´s Barcelona. It sure looks like some north american cities such as New York or Montreal but the way it was thought carries some personal ideas of the quite fantastic architect who had to design an area actually bigger than the orginal city itself.

A very interesting look on the Barcelona we know, we live in.



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