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Hotel Curious | En el centro de Barcelona

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Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2011-06-02


Our team will advise you to find the best deal for your stay in Barcelona, only in case that you're looking for a comfortable hotel in the city center with Wi-Fi and breakfast included in the price!


- I want to take a look to this pretty hotel. (Pics, video and more...)

- I want to know what people say about this hotel on Tripadvisor.

- I want to ask you something.

- I want to take advantage of a discount of...

5% for contacting through TWITTER.

10% for booking 3 nights or more.

15% for booking 30 days in advance.

Take your seat
Hotel Curious
Hotel Curious
Hotel Curious
Breakfast at Hotel Curious
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El 2012-07-06  el usuario Stephen Hall (from España) escribió:
I love the photo with the montage of Barcelona. Is that a standard room, a suite or or.....
Looks like you have a great hotel in what I know is a GREAT city!
El 2011-06-18  el usuario Gonzalo Martí Gomez (from España) escribió:
les recomiendo carritus.com es muy comparador para ahorrar, a mi gusta mucho comprar me siento seguro y cómodo, y si es precioso el hotel.! felcitaciones
El 2011-06-03  el usuario marissa (from Philippines) escribió:
hi we are visiting barcelona for 2 nights on sept 13,2011. do you have a triple room available? pls email us. thank you
ps we cannot book at your site. online

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