Cursa de Bombers 2011

La Cursa de BombersCursa de Bombers
Hotel Curious announces this important sport event in Barcelona. Here it comes cursa de Bombers! This year this 10 km race comes with important news. They will stop selling tickets after reaching the 20,000 competitors (instead of 18,000 last year). There will be two differential starts at each level. The renowned quality runners start the first and after the popular runners. And another new Nike Running is that Spain has organized a fun challenge to boost competitiveness and popularity of the race called “Pipiolos versus Purete” divided between youngers than 29 and the olders: "-Pipiolos-, if you have left to crawl, go out into the street to prove it." "-Puretas-, if you want a place on the bus, you must be first." What you have to say, say it running. Or at Where: Barcelona When: April 10 How much: € 15 if it has its own timing chip and 17 € in case you do not have.


  1. ¡El TRAM te acerca a la Cursa Bombers! Paradas: Wellington - Ciutadella I Vila Olímpica. ¡Suerte a todos los participantes!

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