Long time ago since the last time snowed in Barcelona. Last great snowstorm we remember was in 1962 and it collapsed the whole city. People still remind the famous snapshot of two guys skiing in the midle of Catalunya square. Today, some of those scenes recalled to this time, though fortunately on a smaller scale.It started snowing about 17:00 o'clock in the afternoon and for about 3-4 hours have been falling snowflakes intermittently until the entire city got covered in a white layer. There have been times of chaos and disruption, since the town is not used to this kind of inclement weather. During the first hours, there have been interruptions of public transport, although throughout the afternoon, has recovered to normal. Despite these setbacks, people have taken advantage of this peculiar day. On the streets you could see people making snowmen, organizing snowball wars or even playing curling! (As you can see in the video below). Around 21:00 pm, the rain started weakly, fusing all accumulated and erasing drop by drop, all memory of this unrecognizable Barcelona. Possibly this snowstorm will be remembered as the first snowfall 2,0 in the history of Catalunya. Since during the storm has been a high activity on social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Flickr, where Internet users have turned to comment, report and document, second by second, all currently related, making these very powerful tools as a dissemination channels. Even more than the official channels or traditional (actually most important news has been read before on twitter you hear on the radio or TV!) . Won't be easily melt this digital footprint in the snow ... JHUKKHJPBC9N


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