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The Brandery Winter Edition 2011: Chances for Changes

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2011-01-08

Hotel Curious announce this major fashion event in Barcelona. For all fashion lovers and professional... The Brandery.

Here comes the fourth edition of this festival that is increasingly its relevance in the field of fashion at the European level and strengthens Barcelona as a hub of this area. "Chances for Changes" is the slogan that accompanies this winter edition and extolling the opportunities that arise with the changes, which in turn produce new changes and new business opportunities.

The Brandery will be divided into four areas:

The Fira, with brand exposure
The Brandtown, with bars, restaurants and rest areas;
The Laundry, which will host presentations, round tables and the second international meeting of bloggers, and
The City, which will bring the activities to be developed in the city of Barcelona linked with fashion and with the festival.

And in The Fira will be the sections...

* The Cathedral. For designers with their own label.
* The Loft. For brands with a distinct component design/trend.
* The Warehouse. Denim brands as a unifying element.
* The Stadium. The world of sneakers and streetwear collections.

and will be held at the trade fair site on January 26, 27 and 28.

Do not miss it!


The Brandery
The Brandery
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