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The Boss in Barcelona: Wrecking Ball World Tour 2012

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2012-05-11

Hotel Curious announces this amazing concert at Palau Olímpic of Montjuic: Bruce Springsteen with his new album "Wrecking Ball".

The Boss released the album last March and started his promotional tour "Wrecking Ball World Tour 2012". This album has broken the record for sales on iTunes with Sony producing it of Bruce, which contains the single "We take care of our own" which is said to be a "classics by Springsteen with anguish and defiance" style of the time "Born to Run". This is an album that deals with the problem of financial disaster that took the houses and ruined the lives of countless American families.

The European tour opens in Seville on May 13, continues the 15 in Palma, and in Barcelona on 17 and 18, to continue in Donostia-San Sebastian on June 2. He will leave the peninsula 17 June, with a last concert in Madrid.

Remember, for Hotel Curious is means a Discouncert and you have a 10% discount by showing the ticket to the concert!

We leave you with the music video "We take care of our own"

Where: Palau Olímpic de Montjuïc
When:17th, 18th May, 2012
How much: 65€


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