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The Bellesguard House designed by Gaudí opens to the public in September 2013

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2013-08-22

We bring you some great news: Bellesguard house (designed by Gaudí) opens its doors in September of this year. Guilera family owned the building for 70 years, the farm has been adapted to offer guided tours of the gardens and interior.

The hill where is this farm was situated, was used in the fourteenth century for the castle of Martí l'Humà, the last king of the House of Aragon. According to the legend, in the eighteenth century it also served as hideout for Serrallonga known as “the bandit”.

In 1944 the oncologist Lluís Guilera Molas, father of the current owner, bought the building and turned it into a small hospital. It is a Cultural Good of National Interest since 1969. In the last decades has been a family home only and it will remain being a family home although they will open to the public now.

Where: Carrer Bellesguard, 16–20, Barcelona

Visit here their Facebook Page.

Torre Bellesguard
Torre Bellesguard
Torre Bellesguard
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