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The ARTESANO comes to Barcelona

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2010-09-01

Hotel Curious recommends today this fair in Barcelona. A whole world of social and cultural wealth will meet at the Fair ARTESANO.

Is approaching to Barcelona the first edition of Artesano (a pun that means 'healthy art' and also 'artisan') to bring us a sample of the effort and dedication of thousands of artisans with goods of all kinds (clothing designers, accessories, sculptors, painters, musicians, natural medicine, tattooing, etc.) from around the world. All of them will gather on the Palacio de Congresos de Barcelona to show to both the specialized public and curious the secular legacy of their techniques.

Highly recommended!

Where: Palacio de Congresos de Barcelona
When: 9 and October 10, 2010
How much: FREE

ARTESANO website (in spanish)

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