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The 4th septembre 2009 COLDPLAY gets back in Barcelona

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2009-07-21

The Hotel Curious recomends you to see COLDPLAY Live in the Olympic Stadium.

Some could say the british band plays cold feet with Barcelona.
They sure are wrong.
Between the city and the band it is surely hot as the summer in Barcelona.

And do not get me wrong, I am not saying that just because it crossed my mind, the statistics talk for me.
One videoclip shot in the most famous church, Santa Maria del Mare (Saint Mary of the Sea), part of their fourth album registred in our beuatifull city, many events, and, so far, no less than four concerts given in our capital.

Oh yes, COLDPLAY is hot for Barcelona.

And this is for that vey reason they come back in Barcelona for the fifth time, to share with us an amazing moment that only them know how to do it.


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