Barcelona MIRA Live Visual Arts Festival

MIRA festival

The MIRA Live Visual Arts Festival is an interactive audiovisual show by the Quebec artist Maotik, which premieres for the first time in Europe, is an immersive installation where the viewer is in the middle of 25 meter circular screen and lives a sensory experience of sound and optical illusions that change the perception of time and space.


At MIRA 2014 Omnis is presented in a 360º format, immersive technique that allows a closer experience of the audiovisual piece. The audio-reactive installation will operate in loop generating real-time visuals and as a performance that will give the same artist. In this last case, the capacity will be limited by the capacity of the venue.

The audiovisual show, which has only been seen in Brazil and Mexico, will fill the Sala Bota at Fábrica Fabra i Coats on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 November.


When: November 14th & 15th

Where: Sala Bota de la Fabrica Fabra i Coats


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