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The 3rd - 4th of Octobre 2009 : The RED BULL AIR RACE last stop : Barcelona

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2009-07-23

The Hotel Curious recomends you to enjoy one fantastic event from the beaches of Barcelona.

Who never ever dremed about being an airplane pilot ? Honestly, who ?

Fly above the sea at 400 km/h doing acrobatics and slaloms with the sky for background...

This is what we are talking about with the Red Bull AIR RACE, the toughest championship in the world, the F1 of airplanes.
They come back in Barcelona, after 3 years away, for the last round of the competition that started 5 month ago.
After traveling in many countries, pilots and promoters are full of joy to come back in our beautifull city of Barcelona – the charmfull, as they describe it.

Last time they came, the catalan public gave them a very warm welcome of 1,300,000 people enjoying the show.

It will be a wonderfull cherry on the cake that will end the Aeronautic Convention. As well as a very good digestive for the Festival of La Mercé (Mercifull Mother of God) that will have ended just oe week before.

To enjoy the beaches of Barcelona looking at airplanes above the sea with the catalan capital right behind you .. What else ?
To fly those planes !
Right I get it …

Hotel Curious


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El 2009-11-14  el usuario roger (from España) escribió:
La verdad es que fue un evento espectacular!!
Lo recomiendo totalmente a todos para la próxima vez!!

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