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The 24th of September 2009. The Day of La Mercè

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2009-07-15

The Hotel Curious recommends you the Festival of La Mercè (Mercifull Mother of God).

The Virgin Mercè represents for the people of Barcelona what represents St Patrick for the Irish.

Since 1871, every year, Barcelona goes into celebration for a week to pay tribute to her.
Nowhere else in Spain you will find a better one.

Eventhough the official programm as not been posted on webpage of Barcelona, more than 500 activities are expected.
Anyway the webpage where you will find the programme posted below.

Live shows, concerts, street art with artists right just in front of you.
This is also the opportunity to have a full introduction to the catalanes traditions such as the Walk of the Giants, the human castles (los Castellers), the Race of Fire (Correfoc), the catalan danse (La Sardana) and many more.

Do not miss the best and the last festival of Barcelona that symbolizes the end of summer.


Hotel Curious

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