Anastasia Koshka is the person that serves breakfasts to all our guests every morning at Hotel Curious. Get to know her!

Anastasia - Breakfast
Hello! My name is Anastasia Koshka and I was born in Birobidzhan (Russia), although nowadays I do live and work in Barcelona. I am the Maid of Dining. I'm the one who serves the breakfast to our guests every morning from 8am until 11am. My main tasks at the Hotel are preparing the counter for breakfast with mostly fresh products from the Boqueria's Market, such as sausage, cheese and fruits. I control that our customers do not miss anything to start the day full of energy. I pick up the tables and always keep the room very clean. What I like about working at Hotel Curious is that the staff is the most important. I like working with my colleagues and I feel comfortable with the working environment that there is in this business.Our bosses are very good people! What I would improve in the Hotel? Well, I think that I like it as it is! Barcelona has that spirit and energetic movement that I love. It makes you want to move and fills you with energy and vitality. But at the same time, it relaxes and lets you disconnect. It's lovely for long walks. The most espetacular place in Barcelona for me is Montjuic. It has a nice park with beautiful views. And at night there is a water show with music and light. You can not visit Barcelona and miss La Sagrada Familia. It's awesome! To eat, I recommend La Boqueria. You can find everything there: Spanish Cuisine, Greek, Japanese... Meat, pasta and seafood... And for dessert I recommend the ice cream shop Amorino at the beginning of La Rambla, close to Plaza Catalunya. I love!


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