My name is Marcela Gavina, I am from the Philippines. 

I am the Maid of Dining. I'm the one who serves the breakfast to our guests every morning from 8am until 11am. My main tasks at the Hotel are preparing the counter for breakfast with mostly fresh products from the Boqueria's Market, such as sausage, cheese and fruits. I control that our customers do not miss anything to start the day full of energy. I pick up the tables and always keep the room very clean.

I like the Hotel Curious because there is very good work environment and I think it shows in the result: at the front desk recently hung a certificate of excellence from a very famous website ( 

In Barcelona I like the weather and the people both are very nice... You can also find all the fruit and vegetables you want from all over the world. I recommend to go to all the museums and parks as La Ciutadella. Personally, although it is in the outskirts, I find impressive the Shrine of Montserrat, which is at the top of the mountain with the same name. 

My favorite restaurant is the Restaurant Trobador because it is the best brewery in Barcelona, and also because they have excellent service. It's a restaurant chain and the closest it's located at Rambla de Catalunya n 2

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