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SONAR 2009 Barcelona

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2009-06-03

The Hotel Curious recommends you to get drunk of Electronic Music with the SONAR 2009 Festival in Barcelona !

The next 18th, 19th and 20th of June are gonna be really exciting in Barcelona as the SONAR Festival comes back to the origines.

Not that Barcelona needed some special event to have a night life.
It is the opposite, the SONAR is a consecration, a peak for Barcelona's night life.

Night and day, the Sonar Festival will propose you electronics musics show's for three full dates.

During day time, the MACBA, near Las Ramblas - and even nearer the hotel Curious – will host the stages and performances from artists coming from all around the planet.
From the Hotel Curious, it is a 5 minutes walk.

At night, in order to allow you to enjoy it whithout any restrain, the shows will stage a little bit out side the city centre at the Fira Gran Via, L'Hospitalet.

Buses and transportations timetables and all the informations you shall need regarding “how to get there” are already posted on the Sonar website.

Best regards

Hotel Curious


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