Smart Urban Stage lands next to the sea

Smart Urban Stage
Smart organizes in Barcelona the next Smart Urban Stage, an innovative event designed to introduce the new “smart fortwo electric drive”. Smart has created the only fully electric car existing today in the market and they are planning to start production next year. After the success in Berlin, Zurich, Rome, Paris, Brussels and Madrid, the will be installed in a temporary venue in Port Vell in Barcelona. Within the event it will be held the exhibition "Smart Future Minds", an exhibition showcasing two drafts for each of the following categories: Culture and Society, Design, Technology and Media, Science, Architecture and Urbanism and mobility. Then, among the ten projects of the 5 first categories (the category Mobility, linked to Smart, is out) will participate in a contest to choose the winner of the Future Smart Minds that will compete with winners from all participating cities. In addition, it will be given to the public the chance to drive the new 100% electric car. Adrenaline is served! official event website When: From May 19th to June 2nd Where: Moll de Bosch i Alsina, Port Vell, Barcelona Remember that with Hotel Curious you can make your stay in the heart of Barcelona cheaper by using our great offers!


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