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Mobile World Congress 2011

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2011-01-18

Hotel Curious announces a new edition of the 3GSM in Barcelona.

The city already is preparing to host the biggest phone conference in the world. This year has increased by 16% the list of attendees and a projected 30% increase in institutional representatives than last year. Also 9% more space with 59,000 square meters of the trade fair site. In Barcelona are expected to receive an injection of 225 million euros and about 53,000 visitors.

Some of the most important news is that Google will have its own space in the exhibit area, Samsung will unveil its Galaxy S2 and the Sony PlayStation Phone. Nokia will return to Congress after organizing in Barcelona its own event last year besides the congress.

In June we will know if Barcelona will remain the headquarters of the Congress during the period 2013-2017 (has been so since 2006) and is vying with Amsterdam, Cologne, Milan, Munich and Paris.

Where: Montjuïc Trade Fair
When: from 14th to 17th February

3GSM Official Web Site

Mobile World Congress 2011
Mobile World Congress 2011
Mobile World Congress 2011
Mobile World Congress 2011
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