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Little touristic route proposed by Hotel Curious

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2010-01-12

Hotel Curious would like to give some advise about what to do in your visit in Barcelona downtown.

So we want to propose a little touristic route beginning from our building. A nice walk with no cost.

(Help yourself finding out the locations with the map we give you at your arrival in the reception.)

>>>in front our hotel, in the same street:

- “El Indio” Store - Del Carme st. 25 – Store in modernism style.

- Mas Grau chemist– Del Carme st. 23 – Store in modernism style.

- Joaquim Mateu Eudal House – Del Carme st. 34 – Residencial building reformed in 1912 in modernist style, rich in ornaments.

>>>Following del Carme st. to el Raval neighborhood will find on your right hand dels Àngels st.:

- Milà i Fontanals School – Built in 1931 by the architect Josep Goday in nineteenth-century style..

- Del Carme fountain – annexed to Milà i Fontanals School – Built aswell by Josep Goday in nineteenth-century style.

- Dels Àngels Monastery – Built in 16th century is a gothic building reformed in 1984 by Luís Clotet, Carles Díaz y Ignacio Paricio. Nowadays hosts an art gallery.

>>>Achieved this point you are in front of dels Àngels Square:

- Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum MACBA – Dels Àngels square 1 - Built in 1995 by the architect Richard Meier, is the representation of the new architecture tendencies of the city.

>>>Following the direction when you left dels Àngels st, crossing dels Àngels sq., you will find Montalegre street, beside MACBA:

- Charity House – Montalegre st. - 5 Built in the 19th century, reformed in the nineteenth-century style by Josep Goday, highlights it's patio. Nowadays is the Contemporary Culture Center CCCB.

>>>Going back until dels Àngels sq. converges with dels Àngels st. Elisabets Street:

- Infantes Huérfanos (Orphan Child) Old Chapel – Elisabets st. 22– The institution was founded in 1370 and only remains it's chapel. Nowadays it's taken by the International Relationships Investigation Center and Development CIDOB.

- Mercy House – Elisabets st. 8 -Hospice founded in 1583 was restored during the modernism.

- Mercy Chapel – Elisabets st. 6 -Built in 1693 nowadays hosts a library.

>>>Walking along by Elisabets st. you will find Bonsuccés Square (after there's Bonsuccés st.):

- Bonsuccés Old Monastery – Bonsuccés sq. 3 - Built in 1626 in baroque style, with a superb door made by Miquel Perelló in 1690.

>>>Achieved this point you can walk along by Bonsuccés Street and get Las Ramblas avenue, to be specific the part called Rambla dels Estudis, and walk the sea way until getting the frontal entrance of the wellknown Sant Josep – La Boqueria Market, on your right hand.

- Sant Josep – La Boqueria Market – Built in 1840 in modernism style.

>>>Right this point you are behind our hotel.
Going through the market will find a parking, going round by the right side will find Doctor Fleming Square:

- Doctor Fleming Fountain – Doctor Fleming Sq. annexed to Surgery College - built in 1956 and made of Montjuïc Mountain stone and white marble.

- Surgery College – Hospital alleyway 2 – Built in 1764 in rococo style, with a big shield of the king Charles III.

>>>Leaving the alleyway by the other door you'll be situated again in del Carme street, and turning to the right you will be right back to the hotel.

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