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Joaquin Sabina @ Barcelona 'Vinagre y Rosas' Tour'

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2010-08-11

Update: The concert is postponed until 28th of October due to a fall Sabina suffered.

The Hotel Curious announces this big concert in Barcelona. Joaquin Sabina comes to visit one of his favorite cities.

After his last visit in december 2009 Sabina comes back to Palau Sant Jordi introducing his latest album 'Vinagre y Rosas' in mid-September, on a tour that has taken him to South America and Central America.

In this his fifteenth album has sold over 200,000 copies and includes the single 'Tiramisú de limón', in which the group Pereza has composed the music and put the voice.

It seems to be the last tour that the singer will do for big stages, so you can not miss this appointment with the poet.

When: October 28, 2010
How much: from 40€
Where: Palau Sant Jordi
How to go

Joaquín Sabina Official Website

Vinagre y Rosas
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