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Joan Manuel Serrat and Joaquín Sabina live in Barcelona

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2012-08-17

Hotel Curious is honored to announce the concert in Barcelona of an already legendary duet: Serrat and Sabina.

After the success of its previous joint tour "Dos pájaros de un tiro" Joaquin Sabina and Joan Manuel Serrat have decided to return to the fray with "Dos pájaros contraatacan". The duo will unfold their charm and complicity on stage again to recite their appreciated compositions to an insatiable audience.

Highly recommended!

Where: Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona
When: 13th and 14th of September
How much: 42 – 70 €


Remember that with Discouncert you obtain a 10% OFF in your reservation showing your ticket for the concert at reception.

serrat sabina
Sabina Serrat
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