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International Mass at Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2013-06-25

Today we want to remind you that Sagrada Família will hold on July 14 at 5PM an International Mass intended for all those visitors and tourists who are in the city.

We encourage everyone to attend, as the Sagrada Família is magnificent and in times like this it comes to light all its beauty, vastness and splendor.

Where: Sagrada Família, Barcelona
When: July 14 at 17h

Sagrada Familia International Mass
Sagrada Familia International Mass
Sagrada Familia International Mass
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El 2013-07-10  el usuario Emmy (from España) escribió:
¿Hay que hacer algo con antelación para asistir o sólo venir a la hora programada el domingo? ¡Gracias!

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