Laura Fernández

Hi! My name is Laura Fernandez and I am responsible for online marketing and communication at Hotel Curious, and I am your contact person on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, Google+ ...).

Furthermore, I create content on our blog and find out what is said about the Hotel Curious on the Internet (online reputation and positioning).

I am a fan of technology and four cheese pizza. I was born and I live in Barcelona, a city of which I am deeply in love, I can't help it! I love people, weather, public transport, the beach and gastronomy of Barcelona.

The neighborhood that I like the most is the Gothic Quarter. In my free time I love walking through its narrow streets and small squares and taking pictures of all the hidden corners of this ancient city. Plaza Sant Felip Neri is one of my favourites and the Gothic Bridge of the Wish is a “must” in Barcelona. They say that if you go under it, rise your eyes and find a skull, you can make a wish and it will come true.

What I like the most about Hotel Curious is the team that configures it. We are many people and each one of us works hard for the satisfaction of the guest. We have in mind that the customer is already our guest from the very moment in which he considers our hotel for his stay in Barcelona, so we all take care of every single detail: from the booking moment until the customer is gone.

What would I improve in the hotel? I would put kettles in the rooms and an ice machine in the hall. Many customers have asked us, and we're working on it. For the rest, I really love our hotel. It is perfect for city breaks: ideally located, quiet and great customer service. Oh, and WIFI is for free: that's VERY important!

Indeed, in Barcelona there are thousands of restaurants that I like, but if I have to recommend some nearby, it would be ATTIC, Rita Rouge and Irati. I love eating well! Welcome to Hotel Curious. I am at your disposal.


  1. Hi Laura, I really love all your online and social media activities, my compliments! Because of the original and enthousiastic communication I am already becoming a fan of your hotel. I will visiting you next week together with my youngest son (mother/son trip) and love to show him Barcelona. I love Barcelona as well snce I have lived for five months during my education (in 1990). Being a marketing manager my self, I get really inspired by your marketing :-) Maybe I meet you next week! Best regards from the Netherlands,

  2. Hi Judy! Thank you very much for your lovely words! We all try to do our best here, as our job is our passion! Please, let me know when you arrive at the Hotel. It will be a great pleasure to say hello! My best regards, Laura Fernández

  3. Thank you so much Dani and Judy! We are really looking forward to welcoming you too Judy, and enhance your experience of Barcelona as much as we can :)

  4. Grande el equipo de Hotelcurious!!! saludos

  5. Hi Laura...Can\'t wait till October 12th when we will be arriving and can meet you all in person! Been loving reading all about what is going on at Hotel Curious on FB!

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