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Hotel Curious | En el centro de Barcelona

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Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2008-11-12

Worried about your monney ??? You want to enjoy a brand new hotel, cosy, central and comfortable in Barcelona´s city centre without spending to much ??? Stop searching, here is the Hotel Curious !!! Still some doubts, look our offers by yourselves.

Single room from 50 Euros *
Double-Twin from 60 Euros *

Not enought ? Here is more : Those reservations includ breakfast “buffet” for free !!

You can do your reservation right now, click the button “Book Your Reservation Now”.

* prices valid regarding on-line availabilities

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El 2008-11-13  el usuario Marta Capdevila (from España) escribió:
Muy buenas ofertas!! Yo misma he estado en este Hotel en verano y realmente vale mucho la pena!!!

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