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In Las Ramblas there was “Rambleros” (from 1th of March to 25th of May 2010)

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2010-02-11

Hotel Curious has a close engagement with the events related to Las Ramblas in Barcelona and therefore it is our duty and devotion to announce the project “Rambleros”.

“Rambleros” is a project that borns with the intention of take a look to the cultural tradition that has given the fame to Las Ramblas. It's a period where there will be concerts, photo exhibitions, theater performances and discussions around the subject distributed in a tent enabled in Drassanes and Palau de la Virreina. So that's why met the characters that carry “ramblera” blood as Pau Riba, Pavlovsky, Oriol Tramvia and Jaume Sisa, among others. The programming will be a retrospective of the shows that premiered in theaters in those times, like in Barcelona de Noche, La Cúpula and the Salón Diana.

The aim of this venture is claiming for what Las Ramblas used to be, the place of the “entertainers” and the bohemia with the marginal life (hookers, pimps, thiefs), the transvestites; the breeding ground of revolutionary transgresors, that with their lifes marked a trace in the history of the city and the country, pushing to the limit the understanding of moral values during the last period of Franco and the Transition. Will take place, for example, a documental reconstruction of the life of José Pérez Ocaña, the andalusian painter who marked the Ramblas life in the late seventies with his transgressor style, asking himself about the transvestim as a provocation, the religion and the fetishism, the repression of the sexism, the anarchy, the homosexuality, etc. Also there will be the performances of the Eléctrica Dharma Company, the Orquesta Platería and the Banda Trapera de Morfi Grei and photo exhibits of the pictures by Frederic Ballell and Xavier Miserachs.

All this mess will take place from the 1th to the 28th of March in a tent enabled in Drassanes and from the 25th to 24th of May in Palau de la Virreina.

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El 2010-02-25  el usuario Mercè (from España) escribió:
No dejeis morir la MAJIA DE LAS RAMBLAS, reivindicar a menudo acontecimientos así, seguro que algo se puede ir haciendo, ... La Sala Celeste, daria para mucho tema, ... Las tascas del Gotico, para
otro temas, ... Las corridas por via Layetana con la policia de la reivindicacion democràtica, ... Felicito este acontecimiento, tarde, pero "nunca es tarde si la dicha llega".
Una nostalgia de 59 años que vivio intensamente el movimiento hippy y como no, las Ramblas, la Barcelona Gotica, ... Un cordial saludo y fuerza a todos.

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