Hotel Curious joined Foursquare

What is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a social network that consists in making ''Check-ins'' in the places or premises (a museum, a monument, a bar, a nightclub, etc.) that we usually go. Users of this network can share opinions, recommendations or just say they are at this place or premise. This new application is managed by mobile devices localization like iPhone, Android, Blackberry... It's completely free and you'll be able to find every places around you. But this does not end here, the fun of this application is getting trophies, awards or medals by Checking in at the premises we often visit to become ''Major'' from this place. Inclusions of new locations is also rewarded. In conclusion, the most check-ins done in a particular place will become mayor of that place, being awarded both virtually (through Foursquare trophies or points) and, in some cases, in reality by the local where is the "Mayor" (as in the case of Hotel Curious). Foursquare also can be easily integrated to social networks like Facebook or Twitter, so that our friends can know where we are, that local we visit and what we consider about it.

Why to Hotel Curious likes Foursquare?

Hotel Curious likes the new technologies and emerging developments in the world 2.0 and Foursquare is becoming a powerful network with millions of users. From Hotel Curious we encourage customers to become Majors from Hotel Curious. So soon will start a promotion to encourage people who have an Iphone, Android and Blackberry to download the application Foursquare because to be the Major of Hotel Curious will be rewarded. From experience I tell that you can get hooked on this game!

What benefit will have Majors of Hotel Curious?

Hotel Curious will apply a discount of 15% for those reservations made by someone who has been or was Major at the time of the booking. Also will get a discount for the Barcelona Tourist Bus wich will have to be asked at the reception of the hotel. Playing Foursquare you can visit the city with a discount on the tourist bus and on the accommodation in Barcelona with Hotel Curious. Couldn't ask for more!

Read the notice at! (in catalan)

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