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Hugh Laurie in concert in Barcelona

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2012-06-29

The now legendary protagonist of the series Dr. House, Hugh Laurie, as we had been suspecting for the many musical interventions made during the series not only demonstrating skills on the piano but also with other instruments, owns a blues band that bears his name and will perform in Barcelona soon. Do not miss it!

Here you have the album by Hugh Laurie:

Where: Theater Arteria Paralel
When: 26th, May 2012
How much: 57-85€

Hugh Laurie Barcelona
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El 2012-07-02  el usuario nitbcn (from España) escribió:
Menudo artista polifacético! Aun podéis encontrar entradas para su concierto en Barcelona en www.nitbcn.com

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