HOTEL CURIOUS - Corporate Social Responsibility

At Hotel Curious we are sensitive to our environment, so we incorporated social concerns in the strategy and management of the company. Thus, we perform actions for both internal and external customers know our neighborhood and local trade. We want to be a link between the client and our neighborhood.

From Hotel Curious we want to share our professional practice (mature, responsible and committed to our environment) describing the main initiatives developed up to now:

Corporate Social Responsibility Program

  • In 2010, we launched the Barcelona Curious Card, consisting of a network of collaboration with our local neighborhood with the aim of promoting local trade among our guests.
  • We offer discounts for neighbors, in case they need to accommodate family at times. We also offer discounts for local population (residents in Catalonia).
  • We also collaborate with Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona (Barcelona Hotels Association) and other organizations in housing programs to individuals and groups at risk, social exclusion or at specific times of need.
  • We belong to several associative movements of Barcelona (Eix del Raval, Amics de la Rambla, Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona, Associació de Comerciants del Carrer Sant Pau, Junta de Comerç, Associació de Comerciants del Carrer del Carme). We collaborate on decisions which may affect our neighborhood and propose actions to improve it.
  • Moreover, we give a part of our monthly benefits to local associations (Casal d'Infants del Raval, B-Raval, etc...).
  • Semiannually we organize events for professionals in the area (hoteliers, craftsmen ...) offering a space and suitable event to discuss common issues. The #eHotelExperts is a seminar on Tourism and Innovation and the #CuriousMarket is a market for companies selling handicrafts.
  • The Barcelona Curious Guide (app) is a free mobile application launched with the aim of showing the unknown corners and charm of our neighborhood, and recommending shops and quality restaurants in the city.
  • We offer discounts for artists who have to stay in Barcelona during some periods. We promote culture in the city also offering a 10% discount to our guests attending concerts in Barcelona (known as Discouncerts).
  • We are conscious about the environment. We facilitate waste separation for our customers, we recall the importance of rationalizing the use of water and use friendly cleaning products.

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