Barcelona Acció Musical (BAM 2011)

BAM 2011Herman DuneLittle ScreamMan ManAloe Blacc
Hotel Curious wants to announce the launch of a new edition of BAM (Barcelona Accio Musical), which is scheduled to start on 22 September, coinciding with the Fiestas de la Mercè (Festival of Barcelona). The 19th edition of the BAM is about to begin, and almost everything is ready to give the city the best independent music of the moment. Among other groups confirmed, the programme is full of interesting groups: Bedroom, Little Scream, Senior i Cor Brutal, Remate, Aloe Blacc, Man Man... Official website You can not miss september musical nights in Barcelona! When: 22-24 september Where: several places in Barcelona city How much: free! Hotel Curious has a lovely room waiting for you to rest. Check out our offers!

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