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Gran Teatre Liceu in Barcelona presents the opera 'Jo, Dalí "

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2011-10-05

Hotel Curious today brings you an unprecedented work on the Dalí's life.

Our hotel is located near the Teatre Liceu and therefore we want to recommend this opera about a central character in the history of Catalan art. Someone will say 'a fool' or a 'sick'. Dalí responded to these assumptions forever with this sentence: "The only difference between a madman and me is that I'm not mad."

The play tells the complex relationship that united Dalí and his muse Gala for half a century, and representing structured in four acts, Xavier Berenguel looks at the peculiar complicity that led this couple to the pinnacle of artistic and social success.

"A strange mixture of love and hate, say the authors, blood and bile, greed and generosity." He was a painter mad for it's own talent. Her, a perverse muse, sacrificed wife, her lover, her friend and her foe.

Hotel Curious offers you for first time the offer Discouncert on your theater evening. One more reason to come to Barcelona to see this unique spectacle is saving 10% on the reservation in our hotel near the theater.

Where: Gran Teatre del Liceu
When: 18, 21, 23 of October
How much: From 17 € to 74 €

With Discouncert get a discount of 10% in the whole reservation for your concert night, just show your ticket for the concert at the reception.

See more events in our agenda.

Dalí junto con Gala
el autor Xavier Berenguel
retrato de Gala
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