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Garmin Barcelona Triathlon 2010

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2010-10-04

Hotel Curious announces this major sport event in Barcelona: For all lovers of the sport... here comes Garmin Barcelona Triathlon!

This is the third edition of the Barcelona Triathlon Garmin and has already become the most important call nationwide. This year is expected to reach the 5,000 entries for the three modes: swimming, bicycles and running.

In the distance covered will be three categories: Supersprint, Sprint and Olympic, depending on if yours is the explosive effort or resistance. In addition, the Corporate Tri Challenge mode repeats, in which each company can register teams of three people to each can make one of the three modes, and choose the category.

We will not do it but we cheer you up!

Where: Barcelona city Map of the routes
When: October 17, 2010
How much: from 35 €

Garmin Barcelona Triathlon 2010

Garmin Barcelona Triathlon
Pedalear, correr, nadar
Garmin Barcelona Triathlon
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El 2010-10-14  el usuario Francesc del TRAM (from España) escribió:
Este domingo el Triathlon de Barcelona! Ánimos para los participantes y para los que queráis ir a verlo el servicio del TRAM se verá afectado de la siguiente manera:


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