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Feria de Abril (April Fair) in Barcelona 2012

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2012-04-25

As every year, Hotel Curious gets you closer the the wonderful Feria de Abril in Barcelona, and in 2012 the dates chosen are: from Friday April 27 to Sunday May 6. A whole week of dance, music and good food!

As everyone knows, la Feria de Abril is the perfect excuse to spend some stunning Andalucian Holidays/Fiesta. In Barcelona, as in Seville (where the show was originated), it is celebrated with much passion, as the Andalusian population of Barcelona is huge. An amusement park, hundreds of stands, stages, bars, tapas of good quality, paella, flamenco shows and good music will meet in the Parc del Forum from Friday April 27 and for a week long.

Dancers and musicians will have the highest level in these flamenco shows. Take a look at this year's poster, presented on April 11, a nod to the exchange of symbols and origins.

This celebration is a symbol of unity between cultures and has weighed out in Barcelona for almost thirty years (it was in 1983 when it was inaugurated by the Federation of Andalusian Cultural in Catalonia). If you've never been to la Feria de Abril, this year it will be more spectacular than ever. This is even the first time that “sevillanas” will be sung in Catalan, according to Francisco Garcia Prieto (President of the Federation of Andalusian in Catalonia). For more information, please read the interview that elPeriódico published last April 22 (spanish version).

We recommend you to buy a lark, a comb, a nice ruffled dress and... dance!

Where: Parc del Forum - Barcelona (Metro Line 4 - Stop "El Maresme / Forum")
When: from April 27 to May 6 2012
How much: Free!!!

If you are coming to la Feria de Abril and still have not thought about where to stay, we recommend you to take a look at our offers. We still have some rooms available!

Have a good Feria!

Cartel Feria Abril 2012
Gente bailando en la Feria de Abril
Stand en la Feria de Abril
Sevillanas en la Feria de Abril
Stands de la Feria Abril
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