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FELICITATS CAMPIONS!!! FC Barcelona wins the First Division League!

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2010-05-17

FC Barcelona yesterday gave the last point to the league 2009/2010. And well he gave, with 99 points that have been required by the pressure that Real Madrid has had until the end, with 96 points that have been in vain. Such an amount of points represents a record again, that should no longer give vertigo because this team always surprises the entire world.

After last season, having won everything and completing a season without historical precedent that made us know that the following could not be better to be impossible, no doubt left. What this year has happened is a reaffirmation that this team is unstoppable and that is the same glory that filled us with last year, that this was not providential because Messi, Puyol, Iniesta, Xavi, Bojan, Toure, Piqué, Pedro, Alves, Valdés and the whole team under the direction of Pep Guardiola has shown us that talent and "good job" will give these delicious fruits again (and that they don't need to push one's luck).

Hotel Curious congratulates to the “campions...” YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

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