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F.C. Barcelona has won its fourth Champions League!

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2011-06-01

Last Saturday, May 28, F.C. Barcelona became the new champion of the European Cup and also enshrined as one of the best teams in football history. Barça game is today the most envied in the world: everyone thinks it is easy (fair play, fast and direct), but no one is able to imitate it.

In the first half of the match, Manchester United did not serve it easy to a strong Barça, but after a goal by Pedro (Barcelona) and one by Rooney (United), the English team seemed to have thrown in the towel. After 15 harrowing minutes from the first half part, all of them came back with the score 1-1. For both teams it was the chance to start again and correct errors, but Barça quickly showed its superiority. After several chances, a wonderful shot came from Messi (53 minute) which almost breaks through the mesh of Manchester, after leaving behind a troubled Van der Sar. A few minutes later, Villa secured the waka-victory with a frontal shot to the English goal.

With the scone 3-1, the fourth European Cup went to Barça, and Abidal was asked to lift it in front of thousands of spectators who experienced the match live at Wembley.

From Hotel Curious we want to congratulate the whole team, and wish them more wins.

Thank you Barça for your hard work! Thank you Pep Guardiola!

Imagen del Barça con la Copa de Europa
Primer gol del Barça de Pedro
Imagen de Messi celebrando gol
Imagen de Villa celebrando gol
Imagen de Piqué y la red
Pep es lanzado al aire por sus jugadores
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