At Hotel Curious we are always working hard to improve the service and our customer experience before, during and after their stay in our Hotel. To do this, the last few months we have been deeply dedicated to developing the Barcelona Curious Guide, a travel guide written in english and spanish by all the staff of Hotel Curious explaining, from our point of view, what you can not miss when visiting the city: our favorite restaurants and places, recommendations for getting around the town... This is not only provided to all our customers by e-mail or on paper, but a few weeks ago we decided to create a free app very easy to download so they can have all the information on their smartphones anytime, anywhere , with no need of connected to the Internet.

Downloading the app is very EASY:

1) Read the QR code you will find below with your smartphone. Download and install the app. It's absolutely for free! 

2) Now you have in your hands the Hotel Curious APP. Enjoy it!


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