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Elena is the bookings manager. Get to know her!

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2013-01-08


I'm Elena Banzo and I'm from Barcelona. I work at Hotel Curious as Bookings Manager.

What I most like about Hotel Curious is the design of the rooms, which are simple but very functional. I would put a TV in the breakfast room, so customers could watch the news at breakfast. I would also serve pineapple juice, I have my suspicions that not everyone likes orange juice, although it seems impossible!! A laundry service would be great!

The things I love about Barcelona is walking through the streets, where you hardly lose because it has a structure widening ed. Being a small town, the faster you can go from end to end, so in the morning you can be visiting Tibidabo Mountain and at the evening you can walk on the beach.It has it all!

The rooftop of La Pedrera is amazing with those fireplaces that everyone can interpret in their own way, and only Gaudí can do that! The Sacred Heart Church of Tibidabo's Mountai still retains some mosaics on the facade made by ​​my great great grandfather. It's something that I'm very proud of!

If you allow me to recommend a great place to eat, I would say Rita Blue, in Plaza Sant Agusti. I eat there almost every day!

Elena Banzo
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