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Palau de la Virreina : Tradition and Modernity

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2009-11-30

The Hotel Curious recomends you to visit the “Palau de la Virreina” – “Palace of the Vicequeen”, just around the corner of our street and Las Ramblas. Really close to our hotel.

The building was built between 1772 and 1778. The Viceroy of Peru, Manuel Amat y Juniet, had it built to demonstrate the wealth acquired in Central America. Unfortunately, he died before seeing it finished and it was his wife who occupied it, so it has been named "Palau de la Virreina”.

Apart from being a listed building in 1949, and therefore open to the public to visit it, is now also the Tourist Office of Barcelona City Council.

It is also a cultural center that wants to take into account both the visual arts, so present in our modern society, as the transmitter of knowledge written culture.

Its program of exhibitions that will translate this will by creating a bridge between the two trends.

The Palau de la Virreina

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El 2009-12-01  el usuario Roger (from España) escribió:
really nice place to visit!
Good post!

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