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DISCOUNCERT: George Michael and Symphonica: The Orchestral Tour

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2011-08-26

Hotel Curious is delighted with the concert of George Michael coming to town with Symphonica: The Orchestral Tour.

In late September, Palau Sant Jordi will receive the legendary component of ex-Wham! boyband for a review of his thirty year career in solo and will play some covers of his favorite singers as well. This is accompanied by a full orchestra, a show that fans of George Michael can not miss.

During his stay in Spain will also visit the cities of Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona on 24, 25 and 27 September respectively.

Where: Palau Sant Jordi
When: September 27
How much: from 41,50 € to 91,50€

And yes, with Discouncert, get a 10% discount on the stay in Barcelona for your concert night just by showing your concert ticket automatically.

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George Michael and Symphonica: The Orchestral Tour
Symphonica: The Orchestral Tour
George Michael
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