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Del Carme street, our home in Barcelona

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2009-12-04

Hotel Curious would like to pay honor to the street where is located.

Del Carme street, converging with las Ramblas, was one of the main entrances of the city coming from the South and reaching the Porta Ferrissa at the first medieval wall of Barcelona.

Belongs to the well known Raval District (before also known as Barrio Chino) with a big amount of relevant buildings and public spaces filled with history. It´s also the neighbourhood where were born Manuel Vazquez Montalbán, Terenci Moix, Maruja Torres, Peret...

Just in this street we can enjoy the best exemple of Baroque churches in Barcelona with the Esglesia de Betlem, or the main medieval hospital of the city, the Old Santa Creu and Sant Pau Hospital, that nowadays hosts the National Catalan Library and the Institut d´Estudis Catalans.

Also in this same street we´ll find La Casa Mallorca where will find books, and products made in the Balearic Islands, and a café where to make a stop to relax.

If you like the Art Nouveau (Modernisme) you can find relevant buildings such as El Indio in front of our hotel, one of the best examples in shops, or the chemist next to us in number 23, do not miss the balcony with the men playing the saxo or another chemist in the corner with Riera Alta, and the remarkable Bar Muy Buenas at number 63, where you can enjoy lunch at noon or a drink in the evening.

We just need to look around us with interest and no hurry to enjoy real wonders and curiosities, an old luthier, an old knife shop...

We cannot forget the side streets such as Riera Baixa, where you´ll find the biggest concentration of Vintage shops, or Xuclà Street where we do recommend you to enjoy a breakfast or a afternoon tea at Granja Viader, famous for creating the well known brand of Cacaolat and other dairy products.

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