Hello! My name is Raymond Amedoh, I come from Ghana and I'm the Maintenance Manager of the Hotel.

What I like about the Hotel Curious are many things, but mostly I like the decor of the rooms, that is great. I think the only thing missing is a good coat of paint at reception (laughing).

I like Barcelona because is near the sea and can enjoy the weather during all seasons. I love walking and Barcelona has it all, you can go for a walk to both the beach and the hill, is a great value that not all cities have.

My favorite place in town is the mountain of Montjuic, which is the most beautiful part of the city for an afternoon stroll calmly while contemplating the city and sea from above. There is also the Anilla Olímpica, the Olympic Stadium, Palau Sant Jordi... etc. It is also very beautiful Barcelona Cathedral and the Gothic Quarter.

For eating out I recommend that you look among the bars of La Boqueria Market, located few steps away from the hotel, wich is reknowned worldwide and its products are high quality. It really worths!

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