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Circuit and Girlie Circuit Festivals in Barcelona

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2011-07-25

Hotel Curious you wants to announce the Circuit Festival and the Girlie Circuit Festival, two international gay and lesbian events that will take place in Barcelona in early August.

Circuit Festival starts on August 4th with a big party called "Big Opening" in Razzmatazz will be held. The festival will end on day 14th in the same place. Ten intense days where the only important thing is having fun. Concerts, DJs, outdoor sport, competitions...

You can buy your entrance ticket to go to all parties and activities of the Circuit Festival.

The Girlie Circuit Festival is held from 9th to August 15th and has a different schedule which can be consulted here . Tickets are already available!

Official promo video!

Where: several places in Barcelona city
When: from the 4th to 15th August

Take the most of Hotel Curious offers and come to sleep to this different hotel in the city center. You'll feel like home.

Circuit Festival
Circuit Festival 2011
Pool at Circuit Festival
Circuit Festival
Girlie Festival
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