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Celebrations of Gràcia's Quarter are about to start!

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2011-07-27

As every year, in Barcelona we know it's summer because of the high temperatures and the celebrations of Gracia's quarter, probably the most famous party in Catalonia. A summer without festivals would not be a summer.

Celebrations of Gràcia will be inaugurated next 15th August with a speech by Isma Prados and will continue for seven intense days with exhibitions, contests, concerts, workshops, activities for childrens, parades, theater plays... All this in the streets! It is recommended to get a map of the area and walk through all the narrow streets and small squares of one of the most beautiful quarters of Barcelona. Every corner is decorated each year with props that residents have been preparing for months, but only one of the streets will be the winner of this year.

Official Website

Where: Gràcia's Quarter (Barcelona)
When: 15 to August 21, 2011
How much: Free!

Check out the Hotel Curious offers. Sleeping in the center of Barcelona at a great price is possible.We wait for you!

Fiestas de Gràcia de 2007
Calles decoradas
Fiesta Mayor de Gràcia
Calle Verdi - Festa Major de Gràcia
Castellers en las Fiestas de Gràcia
15-21 Agosto 2011
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