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Caryn Moner is the receptionist in the afternoons and she introduces herself

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2011-03-30

Hi! My name is Caryn Moner, I was born in Girona (a very nice and beautiful city to visit any weekend of the year!!) but nowadays I live in Barcelona (it is great as a cosmopolitan city!!). I am your recepcionist in the afternoons.

My main task at the Hotel is to receive and welcome new clients. I try to check in as easy, fast and comfortable as possible, as they use to be very tired because of the trip. I also try to help all guests in whatever they can need: recommending good service and high quality-price relation restaurants; or any other enquiries, such as places to visit, shops where to buy or the best options to use public transport... I have also a chance to say Goodbye to those who come back home and I am glad to say that most of them had a wonderful stay in Barcelona at our hotel. During my journey, I also manage the bookings, offering availability, confirming and answering by phone or e-mail to all the questions our clients can have.

Hotel Curious combines the main necessities of any tourist: it is located on the heart of the city but at the same time it is in a very quiet street. It has a high quality-price relation, it is homely, modern and functional. It always seems to be brand new, as we all take care of it. It is a small hotel (24 rooms) so it gives us the opportunity to offer a closer treat. Hotel Courious is a hotel that really listen to the client, as they are our best reference to keep (and improve) a high service.

What would I change? I would put a Nespresso coffee machine. More than a client would take a coffee and bring it to the room or have it on the hall during the precheckings and postcheckouts.

Barcelona is charming! First of all I would say that it is a cosmopolitan city, opened to the sea and multicultural which has different neighbourhoods, each one with its style. It is a trendy city, which combines perfectly the popular culture with the new trends.

The most spectacular places are already very well-known and recommendable. My personal recommendation would be: take the most of your time in Barcelona and visit the less-known neighbourhoods as Gràcia, and there you will find the most authochton atmosphere!.

I always recommend our clients restaurants where people from Barcelona like going, with low budget as Taller de Tapas, Argenteria Street, (high quality and great service), Can Costa (it is located on the harbour, Barceloneta's neighbourhood), Julivert Meu catalan cuisine and very close to the hotel and the vegetarian Govinda(Indian restaurant next to the hotel.

Foto recepcionista en Hotel Curious
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El 2011-09-06  el usuario caryn (from España) escribió:
Dear Libby+Sally and Bea,
I really appreciate your comments :-) . I\'m glad to know that you enjoyed your stay in hotel Curious. Take care girls!!! and see you next time you visit Barcelona :-)
El 2011-09-05  el usuario Libby Davy (from United Kingdom) escribió:
Caryn was absolutely brilliant! We arrived hot and tired and she just helped sort everything out. Kind, full of good humour and just lovely. Thank you Caryn from Libby + Sally (the two crazy ladies from Australia) + Bea (who loved the breakfasts and the room!)

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