Sants Quarter Festival 2012

Festa Major de Sants 2012Carrer Alcolea de FestaCastellersCercavila de Festa Major de Sants
Hotel Curious recommends to attend the typical festivals of the city. In August Fiesta Mayor del Barrio de Sants. When visiting a city one of the best moments are when each neighborhood is having its own festival, because you can see and enjoy the own city life, when its people goes out to the streets to show the best side of their neighborhood. The Sants quarter is not an exception and each year offer dances, drummers, fireworks, concerts of the best groups... It's a great opportunity to enjoy the city's cultural life. It begins on Saturday August 18 at 18:30 from the Gardens Can Mantega. You can see all the programme on their website or contact them on the twitter account @Festamajorsants for any questions or doubts. Don't miss it! Where: Sants Quarter - Metro L3 stops Plaça de Sants, Tarragona, Plaça Espanya. When: from 18 to 26 August

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