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Barcelona´s best festival in Gracia

Posted by: Hotel Curious at 2009-07-09

The hotel Curious recommends you to enjoy the best Festival of Barcelona in Gracia !

One-of-a-kind it is said about the area of Gracia.

Radical, ex Hippies and particular atmosphere.
Defenetly special the area of Gracia is.

Its streets are full of people talking in the pubs and bars with multiple terraces, creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

So different than his neighbor, El Eixample, that his people are ready to involve themselves real hard to prepare and participate this fiesta.

They run for the title of the Best Decorated Street. A popular jury decides and this is as serious as holidays means not to work. A great rivality exists among the aera, specially among the streets Verdi (last year winner), Joan Blanques and Mozart.

In the second half of august, Gracia is closed … to cars and the neighbors got their tables and chairs in the street to enjoy with you the live shows, well decorated streets and the joyfull disorder, a bit of good-old debauchery, the aera, el barrio, can offer you.
In the To-Do-List : the Run of Fire (Correfoc) that closes the festival.


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