Interesting exhibit at CCCB: "Global Screen"

Gilles Lipovetsky uno de los impulsores del proyectoLa web de Pantalla Global del CCCBFragmento del vídeo de Pantalla Global
Hotel Curious announces a very interesting exhibition at the CCCB, called Global Screen. The project builds the homonymous book written by Gilles Lipovetsky and Jean Serroy, who also are the curators of the exhibit along with Andrés Hispano. It pretends to be an opportunity for reflection on the future that comes and an audio-visual creation space for users, that can record and send their videos divided in categories. The project consists of three parts: 1.Incubation: Since October 1th to January 24th is the time taken to reveal the process of creating a presentation, usually hidden from the public, and for gathering the material to provide from users. 2.Exhibit: It is the factual part of the project, both sides of the project will be exhibited from January 24 until May 27, 2012 at CCCB: In one side "View-Point": The conceptual discourse on the screen skin the creators. In the other side, "Counter-Point": The collection of audiovisual work made by users. From the tension of this dialogue will come out the result of this interesting experiment. 3. Post Exhibit: Global Screen will create a file to record the conceptual and formal project, with contributions by all users and co-creators. The categories under the videos must be registered are: HISTORY SCREEN: Is there any present possible without casting a glance at the past? POLITICS SCREEN: Have you ever wondered about the relations that exist between media screens and the exercising of politics? SPORTS SCREEN: What vision of sport are we creating through the numerous screens? ADVERTISING SCREEN: Are you a fan of advertising, brands, fashion, and trends? Or does it all irritate and repel you? EXCESS SCREEN: Are you into speed, excess, a life free of limits and want to express it? SURVEILLANCE SCREEN: Are you scared of Big Brother, or to the contrary, do you like to spy, observe and keep watch? GAME SCREEN: What kind of pleasure do you find in old and new screens? Everyone can participate in this social experiment, are you up for it? Where: CCCB - c/ Montalegre, 5 When: from October 1, 2011 until May 27, 2012 Global Screen Website

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