SÓNAR Barcelona 2011: International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art

Sónar 2011 BarcelonaSónar de DíaM.I.A. actuará en este ediciónUnderworld tocará en el Sónar 2011Sónar 2011
Hotel Curious wants to announce today Sónar 2011, the International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art, held in June in Barcelona. This event had 84,000 attendees in the last edition of 2010, and it is becoming one of the most wanted festivals of the city. Sónar takes place in different venues around the city and it is divided into Sónar by day, with concerts and exhibitions, and Sónar by night, with concerts and other shows of international big names in the music world such as Underworld, MIA, Aphex Twin, Magnetic Man, Antwoord Die, The Human League and many more. This year, moreover, Sónar features SónarCar, a place next to the classic bumper cars where sessions of emerging artists take place as Noaipre, Infiné, Smalltown Supersound and Night Slugs. The festival has the space Sonar Kids , which is designed for children and parents learn to enjoy music, art and technology in an original and innovative. If you like culture, art and electronic music, this is your festival. Official website Buy your tickets When: 16th.17th and 18th June 2011 Where: Several places in the city Book in our hotel because Sónar has a Discouncert, so take a 10% off from the total price of your stay at Hotel Curious!

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